About Us

We do not stand still. We learn and develop. We master new technologies. Our specialists follow the latest trends in the world of IT technologies and science. Our analysts monitor the market situation and generate new ideas for implementing IT solutions in the infrastructure of businesses and state-owned companies. We choose tools according to our task, which allows companies to save on infrastructure in the future. Our DEVOPS engineers together with programmers can make the use of your server capacities efficient.

Our Qualities
  • Honesty
  • Efficiency
  • Professionalism

Why Choose Us?

Our system analysts will come to you, identify bottlenecks in your business and offer the best solution. We use the BPMN standard for the visual modeling of business processes, which allows us to implement a new solution in the shortest possible time. This is due to the fact that the scheme of business processes that we agree upon with you is equally clear to both businesses and our programmers. In addition, it can be executed immediately using the BPMN engine. This allows us to put in a minimum of effort and be effective.

Our Solutions

Mobile devices have taken over the world forever. And we help to use this fact for the benefit of your business. We can either write a mobile solution from scratch or integrate it into your the existing system. This will allow your employees to become more efficient, which in will ultimately increase your company's profits.
Today, every businessman and manager understands that the lack of implemented IT solutions leads to a backlog of business in the competition. Our goal is to help overcome this a simple task. Many people understand the problem, but they cannot properly orient themselves in general variety of solutions offered by various IT companies. Our specialists can offer you the most concise solution to your problems.
Everyone is already accustomed to the voice assistant in the navigator, but this is only a small a fraction of what artificial intelligence can do. Our experts in neural networks and machine learning can find a niche for the "digital brain" in your business.
Previously, this could only be seen in science fiction films, but today it is already reality. A smart home helps a person make their home comfortable and safe. You can transfer microclimate support to it and much more. We are developing a full cycle smart home system starting from hardware design finishing writing software.
Smart things are increasingly being introduced into our lives. Smart kettle and smart vacuum cleaner steel familiar to us. And what about smart traffic lights that can to manage traffic depending on the traffic situation? All this became possible thanks to the creation of powerful microchips with low power consumption.
Virtual reality allows you to travel not only in space, but also in time. For commercial purposes, this is not only visual training, but also an opportunity to look into unreachable sections any industry.

Our Experience

Web development
40% Complete (success)
Mobile applications
40% Complete (success)
40% Complete (success)
User experience
40% Complete (success)
Design of complex systems
40% Complete (success)

Our Team

Development Department

Vadim Shadrin

Development Department Head

Roman Dragunov

Android Developer

Andrey Bekhtold

IOS Developer

Nikita Smirnov

Backend Developer

Andrey Morozov

Backend Developer

Alexey Romanov

Frontend Developer

Elvira Krasnova

Administration Department

Abadzhyan Vaginak

Office Manager

Zagarskikh Tatyana


Oganisyan Stepan


Ogurtsova Kseniya

Project Manager