• Development

    This new marketing platform is a perfomance channel broadcasting entertainment and advertising content for its target audience, taking into account the interests of all parties.

    Video presentation of the Rekset Project
  • Design

    This video module is based on a neural network and is intended to diagnose and control a PC user’s eye condition in order to prevent visual disorders and eye diseases.

  • Design

    This social project unites charitable foundations with caring people and organizations. It helps to do good in the name of mercy and compassion.

    Support the Miloner Project
  • Research

    Digital recruitment based on artificial intelligence. This program allows you to quickly and efficiently select employees for your organization without agencies and permanent staff.

  • Research

    An analytical program based on artificial intelligence. It controls commercial processes in grocery stores in order to reduce the amount of expired products and the company's losses.

  • Analysis

    Our ideas for IT projects